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Just like you, I was born with a purpose. I've made the choice to accept the calling and align with God. You see, I've done a few things my way and let's just say...some of them didn't work out as planned.  I was more connected to my plans and not the source - God.  What I know for sure, God's plans are already written for all of us.  

All I'm doing is believing in myself, my calling, and trusting in God. 

"There are motivational speakers and then there is Keisa LePrell. As a repeat presenter for The National Youth Summit on Education, Justice, and Leadership, Keisa not only motivates and inspires her audience, she breathes life into the entire room. Her transparency creates an atmosphere of joy, trust, and resilience and her spirit draws you deeply into the experience.  Keisa infuses both young and old with new insights and faith in themselves so they emerge with the confidence to dream big."

Dr. Christi Griffin, Founder & CEO of The National Youth Summit

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